Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cool site optimization tools and tips

This is a partial list of SEO tools used by myself, and some great SEO's that I know... These are worth checking out if you're into SEO. There are a couple of obvious ones, and a few you might not have heard of.

Google Sitemaps (let Big-G know what files are on your web site)

Microsoft's Search Engine and directory submission tool

Sweet Directory Manager Tool

Nice directory of SEO tools

Awesome backlink analyzer

Free/paid press releases

Article Submission

Couple of miscellaneous SEO pointers, as of 2005-11-07. Gotta put the date, because these damn rules change all the time!
1. Put your keywords first in the title of your document. Not at the end...
2. Always make a sitemap and submit it to G. It's easy, it gives a green light for Google to put your pages in their directory.
3. Recipricol links are quickly becoming an outdated method of getting site popularity. Instead of spending your time trying to get recipricol links, spend it submitting to directories, press releases, and article distribution - getting one way links with good link text.
4. Keep your link building campaigns going - don't do a big push and then forget about it. G watches how fast links are generated to your site. If they're generated too fast, G will assume that they're spammed out - unless they keep coming at a steady rate - then they'll assume that your site is bad-ass and everybody always wants to link to you. And that's a good thing.