Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make AdSense For Revenue

AdSense Tip #1: Find your keywords

Make a research the best keywords.

AdSense Tip #2: Improve your keywords

Make sure your keyword density between 3% to 10 %.

AdSense Tip #3: Keep your website focused on a theme

Do not mix you content.Focus on your main theme and content.

AdSense Tip #4: Write a new page every day

Always update your site or blog. If you can,updated daily.

AdSense Tip #5: Choose the right AdSense formatÂ

Choose the best ads format for your site.Top ads format that suggest by google is:

  1. 336×280 large rectangle
  2. 300×250 medium rectangle
  3. 160×600 wide skyscraper

AdSense Tip #6: Color tips

AdSense Tip #7: Position tips

AdSense Tip #8: Increase the number of ads

Maximized the usage of your ads.

AdSense Tip #9: Use images

Use images to combine with your ads.

AdSense Tip #10: Blend

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