Thursday, February 5, 2009

9 JavaScript Tips You May Not Know

9 JavaScript Tips You May Not Know

Excellent javascript tips every javascript developer should know. Very well explained and a very pleasing website.

JavaScript is a fully-featured Object-Oriented programming language, on the surface, it shares syntactical similarities with Java and C, but the mentality is quite different, at its core, JavaScript is more similar to functional languages. Inside is a list of JavaScript tips, some offer techniques to simulate features found in C-like languages (such as assertions or static variables), others are meant to improve performance and explore some of the more obscure parts of the web scripting language.

1. Arrays as Multipurpose Data Structures
2. String Concatenation vs. Array.join
3. Binding Methods To Objects
4. Sorting With a Custom Comparison Function
5. Assertion
6. Static Local Variables
7. null, undefined, and delete
8. Deep Nesting of Objects
9. Using FireBug

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